Current Obsession: Ezel!


المسلسل عجييب! لا تطوفونه. تابعوه على أبو ظبي الأولى

مقتبس من رواية الكونت دي مونت كريستو لألكسندر دوماس

I was never a fan of the Mexican or the Turkish soap operas, I believe most of them are silly and talk mainly about soapy love stories. However, I caught a glimpse of episode one of Ezel, a new Turkish soap opera airing on Abu Dhabi One. Guess what? I was hooked right away. The story is great; it is loosly based on The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

Very engaging and VERY highly recommended. One pf the best pieces of television I have ever seen.  Truly amazing, from the directing and acting to the wonderful music.

Airs (dubbed) on Abu Dhabi One every Thursday at 21:30 KSA (an hour later on Abu Dhabi +1), and repeated on Monday at 23:30 and on Friday 12:00 KSA.

(Subtitled) Every Wedensday at 23:30 KSA, repeated thursday at 13:30 


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