Recommended Destinations: Kaltenberg Castle – Munich

المكان أكثر من روعة، الي يروح ميونيخ لا يطوفه، نصيحة 😉

راح يرجعكم لأيام قبل و تعيشون الجو

السوق، الناس و لبسهم، الاستعراضات و الحيوانات و الاستعراض الأخير… كل شيء كان فعلا ممتع

I had the pleasure of visiting Kaltenberg Castle last year. It was one of the best places I ever visited.  If you are a medieval fan like myself, you’ll fall in love with this place.  The whole atomosphere was fantastic. The moment you step inside the place, you get transported into that era, with life performances everywhere and pleanty of food.  Also, I just adored their open market. Everything was vintage looking: clothes, jewelry, tools and accessories! 

At the end, there is the main tournament.  The one I saw was the first part of the Arthurian Leend.  A very entertaining place. Recommended 🙂 


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