Another Ezel Post…kemal uçar on Twitter

This is a warning, if you intend to watch this show you should knw that it gets darker and darker as time goes by. 

المسلسل راح يزداد سوداويه أكثر و أكثر مع مرور الوقت

Season one is 33 episodes and season 2 is still running in Turkey. Episode 50 will air on the 17th of this month. 

Spoilers ahead……

Deaths of beloved characters will take place before season 1 is over.  I kept watching till episode 41.  In that particular episode, viewers are up for a nasty surprise.  The most innocent character on the show, Ezel’s younger brother, Mert (or Majd as dubbed), is killed.  The character is played by young actor kemal uçar.

After that episode, the show became very hard to watch.  Anyway, I kept searching on the internet for any comments from the cast or director relating to the deaths of those beloved character, however, as expected, everything was written in Turkish 😦

I learned that actor kemal uçar has a Twitter account and that he commented on the death of his character on it.  Since I have a Twitter account myself, I searched and indeed I found his page.  As you can imagine however, everything he writes is in Turkish.  I went back to the date episode 41 aired and true enough he had commented on the tragic ending of his character. 

I wrote him a reply of how hard the show became after the death of his character, how it’s not the same without him and how many of us enjoyed his portrayal of that character… etc. It was a small post, just to let out my frustration, and I expected no reply.  However, few minutes later, he replied, thanking me so much for the message and saying how glad he was to hear from me (I don’t remember the exact words).  His reply was kind and sweet 🙂

يحليله 🙂



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5 Responses to Another Ezel Post…kemal uçar on Twitter

  1. yasmine says:

    i loove it i like this movie and i loove majd he is a good and a cute actor and ezel too

  2. Eysan says:

    Great pictures:)

  3. yasaman says:

    i love kemal ucar very much and im very sad cause he dead in the film

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