Some Weird & Awsome iPhone Cases

الصراحة الي عجبني أكثر شي هو آخر واحد بو التصاميم اليابانية 🙂

1) Japanese food iphone cases:

Price: $43.20 each from Strapya World.

التكمله بعد الرابط


2) Factron Quattro iPhone case – The solution to the iphone camera from a Japanese company (of course!).


Price: $238 – Available through Factron (lenses sold seperately)


3) Sanwa Waterproof iPhone cas

Price: about $40 (yes, another Japanese company!) 

4) Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone (solution to the iphone battery problem: It extends your talk time by about six hours on 3G or 12 hours on 2G. It also gives you an extra seven hours of browsing time on Wi-Fi)

  Price: $110

5) Chocolate iPhone Case – $27

6) Case-mate recession iPhone case


This is not a joke people. Some of us have serious financial troubles and can’t afford a proper case for our beloved iPhone. Case-mate has come to the rescue with a cardboard case that’s yours for just $1.10. It Don’t have the spare change? You can just download the template and make one yourself 😀

7) Amazing Japanese Lacquer iPhone Cases


Turn your iphone into a piece of art! Softbank has unveiled five new Japanese-themed texture cases for the iPhone 3GS/3G which allow you to turn your phone into a veritable work of art. 

The cases are named after and designed to honor famed Japanese warriors like Date Masamune, Uesugi Kenshin and Naoe Kanetsugu. Each one is decorate in elements that personify these legendary heroes, with gold dust highlights adding plenty of sparkle.

Kyoto lacquer ware manufacturer Zohiko was part of the collaboration to create the cases.

 The cases take about a week to make.

Price: $ 1,000 USD

 You’ll also get a special cloth pouch with your purchase, in case you think that price tag is a little too high.

أبي واحد !!!

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