Lost Anatomy!

What happens if you cross Lost with Grey’s Anatomy?!!

You get “Off The Map” of course!  … A new series from the producers of Grey’s Anatomy!

Basically, the show follows 3 young doctors with troubled pasts who seek new & fresh beginning, and where better to find that than in the wild jungles of the Amazon!

The show focuses more on the human side than on the medical, which is one of the reasons why I liked the first episode. Also, the jungles and primitive settings make for exciting adventures and storylines.

The show talks about redemption, new beginning, and self discovery. It also explores the essence of humanity – what makes us all the same whether in civilization or the jungles. We are connected by the same human concerns, needs, and emotions.

I enjoyed the first episode, but whether or not I recommend the show as a whole is yet to be seen.

Click here to watch the first trailer on YouTube

Watch Another Trailer 

One more thing, if you watched the two trailers, you’ll notice that the young doctor is played by two different actors, that’s because they replaced this guy:

With this guy:

I think it’s a good choice 😀

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