The Mobile Problem!

Yesterday in Al Rai Al Aam Newspaper, there was a post about a woman who, after discovering that her mobile phone was stolen, went crazy because it contained very “personal” photos. There was a similar incident few weeks ago in the newspaper about a guy who went to the police station to report that his mobile phone was also stolen and he was frantic and begging them to find it, again, because the mobile contained “very” personal photos… too personal that it would ruin his name and reputation should they be published. He told the police that he was the eldest son in the family and he begged them to find it before his family finds out!!

I’ve heard of other similar stories in the past year. Seriously, why would anyone put themselves in that situation in the first place?!!  Everything else aside, your phone is just a device; you should keep in mind that it can be stolen, lost or viewed by others anytime and without you knowing it. My first cell phone was stolen in the prayer room while I was praying, imagine that!  

Keeping family photos, addresses and other “normal”stuff cannot be helped, but nothing too serious that could lead to your public destruction! Morality and religion aside, it’s just stupid! Really.  

What do you think?

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