Primeval: New Guilty Pleasure

My New Guilty pleasure 😀

I don’t usually watch things like that, in fact I’d usually make fun of my cousins who watch such shows, but for some unexplained reason I can’t stop watching Primeval.  It’s sooo fun!  Monsters, evil plots, mostly bad CGI – in other words, it’s pure childish fun with good characters thrown in for good measure!


When strange anomalies in time start to appear all over England,  It’s up to one team to help track down and capture all sorts of dangerous prehistoric creatures from Earth’s distant past.

My favorite characters? Connor & Abby hands down. They’ve got to be the cutest couple ever on TV… and apparently in real life. The actor and actress who play Connor and Abby (Andrew Lee Potts & Hannah Spearritt) are now engaged and currently planning their wedding, so now they are officially a couple.. on and off screen.  Oh, and the honeymoon? As a honeymoon gift, Hanna’s dad gave them tickets to Disney Land! Isn’t it the best honeymoon idea ever?!  🙂

Besides, they keep cute pets 😀

And who could forget the awsome Captain Becker, the team’s reliable shooter and protector 😀

YouTube Link

YouTube Link

The show is currently on its 4th season with season 5 already confirmed.

YouTube Link

Primeval Toys

Mindless entertainment, period!


If you’d like to see more pics of Connor & Ammy (or Andrew & Hannah), click below. I collected quite few when I was planning this post. I thought I’d share them before I delete them. 

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