Thursday’s Sweet Recipe: Homemade Chocolate with Delicious Filling


Homemade Chocolate With Delicious Filling

Things you’ll need:

Silicon cupcake molds

Your favorite chocolate (i-e Galaxy, Lindt… etc)

32 Oreo Cookies

1/4 cup milk

1/2 the can or less of Nestle condensed sweetened milk

6-9 pieces of Kiri creme cheese

Your favorite Chocolate cake or Swissroll (home made or you can buy one… i-e Saralee, betty crocker)

More options: 

The great thing about this recipe is that you can play with the filling. You can use any of your favorite ingredients

For example you can add kanafa, nuts, karamel or you can use Digestive instead of the Oreo.


Melt the chocolate on a double boiler

Then coat the silicon molds with the melted chocolate creating a medim layer (do not make it a thick layer)

Let cool in the freezer for few minutes until firm

In the mixer, combine the nestle and the cream cheese

Put a teaspoon or more of the mixture in each mold over the cooled chocolate coating

Cut the chocolate cake into thin slices

Place a slice of cake on each mold over the cream cheese layer

Combine the oreo and milk and heat until the cookies melt

close each mold with the oreo mixture

Place in the freezer again for few minutes before removing the chocolate from the molds


Really really delicious!!! 

Got it from here

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