Traveler & Drive: Two Shows Canceled Before Their Time

Once in a while there comes a show that has all the potential to make it to the top, but unfortunately gets robbed of that chance too soon.

Traveler and Drive are two examples of such shows.



One of my favorite shows. I really enjoyed it alot and wish it had not been canceled. For some reason, the show reminds me of Prison Break.

The show starred:

– Matt Bomer (Currently stars in White Collar another great show. One of the best looking actors in the world IMHO 🙂

– Logan Marshall-Green

– Aaron Stanford


“Jay and Tyler find themselves hunted by the FBI after a bombing of a museum. Their only lead is their best friend, Will Traveler, who disappeared after the bombing and is not in any record – anywhere. They need to find him and figure out what part he played in a spiraling nightmare of violence, death and conspiracies. Who is really Will Traveler?”

IMDB rating: 8.2/10

Year: 2007

1 Season – 8 Episodes 

Youtube Link


Another good show. Not as entertaining as Traveler but still good. It left me wanting to watch more.

The show starred:

– Nathan Fillion ( Castle, Firefly (I love Firefly) ) a fellow Canadian 😀

– Others


The show is about various people competing in an illegal cross-country road race. Each of them has a reason to win the race. Intrigue, action, conspiracies, and drama… all woven together to create an interesting show.

IMDB rating: 7.8/10

Year: 2007

1 Season – 6 Episodes 

Youtube Link

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