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White Collar ترجمتي للحلقة 15 من الموسم الثاني لـ

 White Collar ترجمت الحلقة 15 من الموسم الثاني لـ  شكرا كثيرا لتشجيعكم   Advertisements

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تجربتي الأولى مع الترجمة

قمت للمرة الأولى بترجمة حلقة كاملة من مسلسل White Collar كانت ترجمتي للحلقة 14 من الموسم الثاني :الترجمة متوفرة على مو قع :الرابط المباشر  :أولا قمت بتحميلها هنا ثم قمت بحذف تلك النسخة و تبديلها بنسخة معدلة هنا … Continue reading

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Traveler & Drive: Two Shows Canceled Before Their Time

Once in a while there comes a show that has all the potential to make it to the top, but unfortunately gets robbed of that chance too soon. Traveler and Drive are two examples of such shows. Traveler:   One of … Continue reading

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Shows I’m Currently Watching

Shows I’m currently watching: 1) White Collar A very good show. Currently in its second season. YouTube Link 2) Leverage It’s fun. period…  Okay, lots of FUN 😀  Three seasons. Four on the way 🙂 YouTube link 3) The Cape … Continue reading

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Andrew Lee Potts & Hannah Spearritt: Dinosaur quiz

I’m actually impressed that they remebered a couple of names 😀 Andrew Lee Potts & Hannah Spearritt star in the popular syfy series Primeval. I discussed it in a previous post. YouTube Link

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Primeval: New Guilty Pleasure

My New Guilty pleasure 😀 I don’t usually watch things like that, in fact I’d usually make fun of my cousins who watch such shows, but for some unexplained reason I can’t stop watching Primeval.  It’s sooo fun!  Monsters, evil … Continue reading

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Ezel: Cars

The show is famous for its use of luxurious cars.  Even on the show’s official page, you’ll find a section dedicated to the cars used throughout the series.  I read a rumor somewhere that Cansu Dere, who plays Eysan (the … Continue reading

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